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Admission to RSHU for international students


Accommodation at dormitories of RSHU

RSHU provides dormitory during you study period. The University has three dormitories:


Dormitory № 1 - Stakhanovtsev street, 17

Dormitory № 2 - Bolshevikov prospect, 13

Dormitory № 3 - Krasnykh Zor’ boulevard, 4


You have to perform the  procedure of registration for living in the dormitory. Please, see The Rules of Accommodation at dormitories of RSHU on  Russian,  English ,  French and  Arabic .

The Dormitory № 2 

International students are offered double rooms and PhD students could have single rooms in the dormitory of university which is situated on the prospect Bolshevikov 13, metro station "Ulitsa Dybenko". You may get to RSHU from Dormitory № 2 by metro (10 minutes), then by foot in 10 minutes, by bus (15—20 minutes) and by bus № 191 (15-20 minutes) or by trams № 23, 7(15-20 minutes).


The building has 15 floors. Each floor consists of 4 blocks. Every block has 6 rooms and shower-room, toilet and kitchen. People, who are required of special accommodation, they may notify of specialists of IRO in advance using the form of "feedback".  We are ready always to help you!


There is a Dormitory Council - local regulatory body at the dormitory. It ensures discipline and cleanness at the dormitory, organizes different events and fun. There are male and female gyms at the dormitory. The entrance to the dormitory is restricted from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. The entrance to the dormitory is possible by Person special magnet pass. Guests are allowed to be in dormitory from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 pm.


International Students Union operates in the university and dormitories.  



The cost of living in a dormitory depends on the type of study.         


The cost of living in the dormitory № 2:

1. For students enrolled on the contract - 3860 rubles / month;

2. For students, receiving Russian Government Scholarships   - 1300rubles/mes;

3. For students, receiving a WMO scholarship - free

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