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Admission to RSHU for international students


4 th way - Admission through National Hydrometeorological Services

The Russian Federation authorities fully cover tuition fees (including preparatory 1 year Russian language course) and provide a monthly stipend to cover expenses related to accommodation at the university hostel and local public transportation.


1st Step 

To apply for the scholarship candidate should sent by 01 June 2015 to email address  ums@rshu.ru scan copies of following documents:


1. Filled in  application form  with an attached color photograph;

2. Recommendation letter from National Hydrometeorological Service;

3. Copies of documents confirming subsequent educational levels including transcript of records;

4. Medical certificate issued by the official authority of the candidate residence country;

5. Certificate of HIV and AIDS negative test results issued by the official authority of the candidate residence country;

6. Copies of passport pages containing information required for study visa, valid for at least 18 months from the start date of the entry student visa (clearly readable pages containing the setting data for invitation);

7. Copies of birth certificate (if any);

8.Other relevant documents (diplomas; international, national and other academic contest certificates). 

For admission to  PhD programs:

9. Abstract in Russian or English language;

10. List of publications.



ALL DOCUMENTS have to be translated to Russian and certified by Embassy/Consulate of the Russian Federation in home country of candidate.


2nd Step 

After receiving information about the Scholarship granting, it is necessary to contact International Relations Office via e-mail  ums@rshu.ru and to notify about dates and time of arrival. 


Foreign students must pay all expenses of airport meeting, transfer and medical insurance on the territory of the Russian Federation.


IMPORTANT! Before arriving to Russia, foreign students from certain countries should undergo recognition procedure for foreign documents on education. The detailed information could be found in the section legalization and recognition of foreign documents. The legalized education documents must be submitted to the Center for International Education upon arrival at the Russian State Hydrometeorological University.


3rd Step

After arrival to Saint-Petersburg a student should go to Centre for International Education (Malookhtinsky pr. 98, room 218, tel. number +7 (812) 372-50-89, 633-01-96) to fill in the requested documents. A student should bring passport and migration card, which is issued at customs while entering Russia. Medical insurance is issued separately. Upon arrival a student should also bring originals of all the documents and legalized educational documents.  


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