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Admission to RSHU for international students


Contract tuition (2022/2023 academic year)

Contract tuition involves the signing of an agreement between the student and the University with the purpose to provide the paid educational services.


1. Degree programmes.

Check the available programmes at RSHU web-site: http://apply.rshu.ru/content/eng/specialization

If you have questions about training programs or admission rules, please contact the Department of International Relations by writing an e-mail: imo@rshu.ru or ums@rshu.ru.



2. Required documents for invitation (for visa entry countries)

• Scanned passport copy (the passport must be valid, not less till 18 months from the date of entry) with notarized translation into Russian!

• Scanned copy of the education documents and provided supplements indicating the subjects and grades (scores) with notarized translation into Russian!

You can personally present the documents to the Institute of International Education of RSHU or email at imo@rshu.ru or ums@rshu.ru.. If you present documents by e-mail, you must also fill out THE INVITATION FORM   Anketa na priglashenie EN  and indicate the e-mail address for sending the electronic invitation.



BACHELOR's degree – starting from June 20th till August 10th;

MASTER's degree – starting from June 20th till August 10th




BACHELOR's degree - starting from May 17th till July 10th;

MASTER's degree - starting from May 17th till July 01st



Please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation restricting international travelling, INVITATIONS are issued to the open countries for entry only. Please contact us at visa@rshu.ru to clarify if we can issue the Invitation and for latest visa information.


3. Receiving the visa (for countries with visa mode)

After checking the documents (passport and education documents) we will send an invitation letter for student visa application.

IMPORTANT: Invitations are issued only electronically. The procedure of the Invitation issuance takes up to 1 month!

Once ready, the invitation is sent directly to the Russian Embassy/Consulate in your country.

After you have received the confirmation that the Invitation is ready, you should contact the Russian Embassy/Consulate in your country to obtain the student visa. You can find out the list of necessary documents for visa processing directly from the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in your country of residence.


ATTENTION: Visa is NOT required for the following countries citizens: Armenia; Belarus; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Tajikistan; Uzbekistan; Ukraine; Azerbaijan and Moldova.

At the moment of the visa receiving, please ensure your personal data is spelled correctly (your first name, last name, and passport data) as all information should be completely identical to the one spelled in the invitation. Please also ensure the correct spelling of the university name - Russian State Hydrometeorological University, the official abbreviated name is RSHU.


4. Algorithm of your actions upon arrival to the Russian Federation.

Let us know the dates and details about your arrival to Russia by e-mailing on  imo@rshu.ru and  ums@mail.ru the copies of the visa and your ticket 15 days prior your planned arrival date.

This is to ensure your smooth arrival, as the University ought to provide the list of pre-applicants for the unimpeded entry of foreign citizens through the checkpoints of the Russian Federation.

IMPORTANT: You must arrive at the University no later than 3 days before the entrance exams start.

Before arrival at RSHU for study, students from some countries need to approve their document on foreign education. You can find out about the legalization procedure on the website Legalization and recognition of educational documents. Легализация и признание документов об образовании.


1. On the next day after your arrival to  St. Petersburg, you need to contact the Institute of International Education (Tallinskaya, 2; tel.: +7 (812) 372-50-89) to register a legal stay in Russia (you need to bring your passport and the migration card, with which you will be provided upon the arrival to the Russian Federation by border control officers).

2. Arrangement of the accommodation in the University campus.

3. Successful passing of the examination.

4. Processing of the Contract tuition with RSHU.

5. Payment of the 1st semester's current academic year (University enrollment is held ONLY AFTER the payment of educational services)

6. Signing the agreement for housing services in the RSHU campus.

7. Purchase of student-style health insurance at the expense of personal funds.

8. Submission of documents for extension of the student visa.


In case you have not scored a passing mark, the University offers the training program at the preparatory department (the cost and conditions of admission/enrollment can be found in the section "Preparatory department"). If you refuse to undergo the preparatory department, you must leave the territory of the Russian Federation before September 1st, 2021.


 Количество мест для приема иностранных граждан и лиц без гражданства на обучение в РГГМУ по каждой совокупности условий поступления в 2021 году






 5. Entrance Exams and Enrollment


Foreign citizens who have not passed the entrance tests may, at their request, be enrolled in the Pre-University Training Program.

After successfully passing the entrance tests and paying for training, the applicant is enrolled in the RSHU.


The list of documents required for admission to the University can be found  here 

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