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Admission to RSHU for international students


The program of pre-university training


Currently, international students study at the Pre-university training department of RSHU

  • at the expenses of the federal budget of Russia (Quota Scholarship Program);
  • on a contract basis (due to personal or sponsor's funds).

Pre-university training Department (PUTD) for international students of RSHU provides education on 5 profiles/language aspects:

  • Humanitarium
  • Natural sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Economic
  • Medical and biological


Deadline for application in 2018:

May 10 - November 15: for applicants not requiring an entry visa;

May 10 - August 15: for applicants requiring an entry visa.




Duration of training from October 1 till June 30.


1 semester - the study of the Russian language (exam)

2 semester - the study of the Russian language and 6 disciplines focused on furher training (depending on the profile).


The result of training on the PDFS RSHU is Certificate.


The cost of education is 150 000rub.


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