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Admission to RSHU for international students


The program of pre-university training


Currently, international students study at the Pre-university training department of RSHU

  • at the expenses of the federal budget of Russia (Quota Scholarship Program);
  • on a contract basis (due to personal or sponsor's funds).

Pre-university training Department (PUTD) for international students of RSHU provides education on 5 profiles/language aspects:

  • Humanitarium
  • Natural sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Economic
  • Medical and biological


Deadline for application in 2021:

May 10 - November 15


In 2021, before the opening of borders, there will be distance learning.



RSHU will prepare the official invitation to apply for a study visa. To issue the official invitation letter it is necessary to fill in  Anketa na priglashenie EN   and send it together with a copy of passport to   prestudy@rshu.ru or to bring it to the Institite of International Education.  The period of invitation letter issuing is one month.




Duration of training from October 1 till June 30.


1 semester - the study of the Russian language (exam)

2 semester - the study of the Russian language and 6 disciplines focused on further training (depending on the profile).


The result of training on the PDFS RSHU is Certificate.


The cost of education is 172 000 rub. (for all year)

Only 2 semester 90 000 rub


Contact us:  ums@rshu.ru



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